Water dosing unit - Regulo Green®

Water dosing unit - Regulo Green® - Shick Esteve

The automatic water dosing unit Regulo Green® Shick Esteve enable to use 100 % of the process water, without waste.


  • Instantaneous flow up to 100 l/min;
  • No waste of water;
  • No drain to the mixer;
  • Reduced and easy maintenance;
  • Accuracy and consistency of the water temperature +/- 1° C;
  • Accuracy of the set volume +/- 1 %.

Operating principle:

The « Green » range uses an algorithm calculation to continuously monitor the flow and temperature of the water. Regulo Green unit can reach a desired water temperature, from 2 or 3 entries of process water.


Regulo Green® is only available through integration with Es-PLC software (Siemens/Allan Bradley).


  • Dosing unit: 0.01 l;
  • Flour temperature display to meet a set of final dough temperature.