Vibrating sieve

Vibrating sifter Shick Esteve

The vibrating sieve is used to sift 100 % of the recipes components and ensure the safety of the final product by avoiding the introduction of foreign particles.


All industries


  • Reduced maintenance;
  • Easy removal of the grid;
  • Fast opening without tools;
  • Sealed device: no dust release;
  • Blue seals: visual detection in production area.

Operating principle:

The vibrating sieve is installed upstream of the conveying system, into receiving hoppers/big-bag station/silos. It can be completed with a gravitory permanent magnet for optimal protection against metal particles. The vibration of the grid is generated by two motors located outskirts the sieve. The device is equipped with clamping devices which allow an easy opening and facilitate control-cleaning operations.

Construction: Stainless Steel 304 L or 316 L (grid and body).
Mesh opening size: from 850 µm to 10 mm.
Dimensions: Ø 900 or Ø 600.

  • Vibrating sieve
  • Vibrating sieve on receiving hopper
  • Vibrating sieve on bag tip hopper