Tote emptying system

Tote emptying system Shick Esteve

The EShick Esteve tote system transfers and doses liquids towards the processing lines. The tote system is particularly suited to the following raw materials: shortening, oil, honey, fatty substances, liquid sourdough, vinegar, etc.


  • Continuous production;
  • Complete emptying, leaving no residues;
  • Station ergonomy and safety: facilitated operator handling and loading;
  • Fast, hygienic loading system.

Operating principle:

The container is positioned on the chassis by means of a forklift. The operator connects the hose and opens the container's valve. The product drains by gravity into the buffer hopper. The buffer hopper enables us to replace the empty container with a new one, without interrupting production. In order to optimise the emptying, a weight sensor signals low level of product, which actuates the lifting of the container by pneumatic jack. A pump transfers the product to the mixer. The dosage is performed by a flow metre or by a liquids weighing scale.