Technical audit of your facility

Technical audit of your facility Shick Esteve

Why use an audit ?
You want to increase the productivity of your machines? Modify your installation to meet the new standards ?
You have new production needs ?
Shick Esteve performs a technical audit of your machines, industrial process and production information (quality, obsolescence, capacity)-either on our premises or not.
Our specialists will conduct a complete audit of your facility to offer solutions to technological upgrading.

The audit can check the following:

  • Process;
  • Automation and chains weighing;
  • IT;
  • Mechanics;
  • Electrical installation.

Benefits of an audit:

  • Identification of key points of your installation that you are losing productivity and proposed actions to improve its overall performance;
  • Extending the life of your equipment;
  • Proposed solutions to improve the level of automation of your machines;
  • Audit quality: we take into account new regulations or quality;
  • Atex our specialists can advise or provide an appropriate response to your concerns security.