Sugar grinding station


Designed for grinding crystal sugar into icing sugar and storage of the product by continuous stirring.


  • Grinding and storage of icing sugar « in line ». Material easy to integrated into pneumatic circuit;
  • Make a buffer stock without agglomeration;
  • Securised system against explosions;
  • Compact package.

Operating principle:

Shick Esteve grinding station is fed from silos or bag tip emptier.
It is mainly composed of:

  • A crusher: transforms the crystal sugar to the required particle size, caster sugar or icing sugar;
  • A buffer hopper with continuous stirring to avoid clumping.

A magnetic separator prevents the introduction of ferrous parts and a rotary valve performs a dam against the blast. These two elements secure and regulate the entry of sugar into the station. A filter allows the separation of the air and fines. The extraction of the purified air at the outlet of the filter is provided by a fan. An independent quick-closing valve isolates the filter to prevent the spread of a possible explosion in the fan. A safety vent extended by a duct or vent valve flame, expels any possible explosion. The product is then extracted with a regulating screw. A rotary valve is also arranged to process the output of the control and product transfer. The material level is controlled by load cells.


  • Fire extinguishers with integrated sensors;
  • Pneumatic conveying;
  • Supply from silos, bag tip hoppers or big-bag stations.


Fines are produced from the grinding of solid combustible material. The dust – air mixture can cause an explosion. In the case of sugar, the mechanical constraints and the Explosiveness Coefficient of the product mean that the machinery and premises must be ATEX classified.

Dimensions and throughputs:

Grinding: 500 kg 4 t/hr.
Particle size output 50 μm to 1000 μm for the basis of a white crystal sugar EEC No. 20 to 25 mm.
Pneumatic conveying to mixers: from 1 to 10 t/h