Resting time control with RFID

The Shick Esteve application traces mobile mixing bowls for multi-line use: associate dosing recipes to mixing recipes and
corresponding shaping line.
Objective: send the right mixing bowls to the right lines in an environment where handling of bowls is dense and remains manuel.

Esteve - Siemens solution partner


  • Decrease the number of mixers and allows to dedicate one mixer to several lines.
  • Launch automatically the mixing parameters on the mixers.
  • Control the dough resting time by identifying each bowl and its own resting time.
  • Ensures consistency and repeatability of manufacturing in a manuel environment, regardless of the operator.
  • Computerize the kneading expertise by tracking/archiving every operation.
  • Reduces the production losses related to errors assignment line and recipes (ex : send croissant recipes on brioche line).
  • No resting station with complicated brackets.

The system allows human intervention whose are also traced (modify humidity parameters, mixing time etc.)
Dosing authorizations, kneading and manuel handling are supervised, controlled, traced and monitored.
All incorporated ingredients and lots are traced.