Recycling system for crusts-breaking bread

Recycling system for crusts-breaking bread

Grinding system with pneumatical or mechanical conveying of crusts / breaking bread,more generally non-compliant products (unwrapped), for automatic loading in recycling bins. It allows fast and clean conveying of non-compliant products to a disposal or enhancement site.
Shick Esteve offers two types of grinders:

  • Single shaft;
  • Double shaft: increase throughput and product intake capacity.

Operating principle:

The bread crusts are collected by mechanical conveyor to a pre-grinding screw to supply the grinder. Once crushed, the product is taken over by pneumatic conveying which fills mobile bins for animal feed. Those bins have a storage capacity of 30 to 60m³.


  • The grinding of non-compliant products optimize the bins filling;
  • Productivity: automatic filling of bins;
  • Clean facilities: removal of dust emissions through a closed handling vacuum system;
  • Rational invstment: no dedicated building for bins whose are watertight; no purchase or loan of equipped bins: provided by the company who’s valuing the final product;
  • Optimized valuation of products by constant and controlled quality;
  • Easy installation: designed for recovery of your process machines and compact.