Production of frozen raw and part baked breads

In 2015, Shick Esteve has won a contract with one of the largest French industrial bakeries.

Annually, the customer produces 80 million loaves with four production lines and sells five types of products: part baked white breads, raw white breads, specials raw breads, part baked special bread, part baked and traditional breads.

By September 2015, the equipment has been installed to start the first tests on the production lines of raw white breads and specials raw bread in January 2016.

Feeding of continuous mixer and carrousel:

The Shick Esteve process feed four production lines: two automated lines on frozen raw breads and two lines of part baked breads (frozen or not). The continuous mixer is used for the «raw white bread» line and the three others with a carrousel. The leaven station is close to the "part baked tradition" line.

The raw materials surch as flour, salt, concentrated and improvers are stored in silos, big-bags or sacks and conveyed by vacuum technology on mixers feeding station. Flours are passing through a cooling station and then sieved in-line on the vacuum pneumatic conveying.

Depending on the required quantity, the feeding is done directly on the manual weighing scale of the dosing station or through a weighed buffer hopper.

The feeding accuracies:
+/- 2% on feeding < 1kg
+/- 1% on feeding > 1kg

The salt is dosed offline on discontinuous mixers.

A main control cabinet controls the full process thanks to a Siemen’s PLC micro box. Which communicates with the entire network, particularly with HMI,production, disconnectors near the machines and the supervision software. Each HMI is connected to an identification system with badges corresponding to different permission levels of line operators.

Each line is equipped with centrifugal sifters to secure the proudction thanks to permanent in-line magnets; a platform of combined big bag and sack discharge stations with integrated vibrating sieves for dual control; hoppers for minor ingredients.

The flour dusting system has its own pneumatic conveying and 20 hoppers (11 on precooked tradition line and 9 on precooked white line).

Our customer made the choice of a phone support contract «Hotline 24/7», which gives you a special phone number, whatever the timeframe, allowing you to receive assistance through our center of expertise with engineers and technicians.

Focus on our traceability software : Es-Track®

Traceability of bread industrial production Shick Esteve

Es-Track® is an IT software for the traceability of industrial bakeries production.

It has been designed to:

  • bridge the gap between the management level and production operations.
  • save ingredients batchs (powders-liquids), names, dates, quantities and location in the warehouse (Silos, big-bags, sacks of 25kg etc.)
  • save all the values in one database to meet all the quality issues through the plate numbers of suppliers, the driver data, inspection controls, compliance with allergens protocol. Ingredients can be sued after green approval of the quality department.
  • automatically integrate the minor ingredients from a single bag tip station or a manual weighing scale with bar code reader (including mixing area where the ingredients is identified by bar code automatically generated by the system). The control panel with touch screen display the recipes relative to the production line. Any operator is identified by a password and a login.
  • follow each bowl by RFID system. It is also possible to retrieve the data of mixers, ovens or any kind of equipment and link them to the batch number.

Any bulk or minor ingredient requires a batch number to be selected or scanned. The system allows the use of several dosing points. Salt or allergens might be separately stored from other ingredients before being added to the mixer (same method with liquids surch as leaven, sponge, oil and eggs).

The software has a traceability reporting tool for baking industries which generates a batch number. Any action, interaction, ingredient use, operation, is transmitted to the database and saved in the servor under this batch number. In case of recall or wrong delivery of ingredient, all the manufactured products can be easily identified, including their ingredients.

In addition to this software, a quality module may be added. Any maintenance or quality operation is saved in the software. Es-Track® is able to periodically create quality report to help in case of IFS or BRC audit.

Integration inside the control system and data acquisition with WIN CC

The traceability software has also been integrated with the supervision interface and alarm of the WIN CC software. This option guarantees the full independance of the customer for future extension of its installation (addition of big-bag station, hoppers).