Pressure pneumatic conveying

Pressure pneumatic conveying ESTEVE

Positive pressure pneumatic conveying is particularly suited for high flow rates up to 60 t/h over medium to long distances of 50 to 150 m. Material is usually picked up from silos or storage bins to supply one or more mixers.


  • Multi-product transport;
  • No product left in the pipework;
  • Several receiving points can be supplied from one feed source;
  • System easy to modify by adding extra receiving points;
  • High transport speed from 18 to 40 m/s.

Operating principle:

Pneumatic handling transports material by creating a positive pressure inside a sealed pipe.
Product is introduced into the piping system through an automatic control valve. A compressor sets up positive pressure in the pipework. A uniform air/product mixture is created (dilute phase) and the product is then transported to the point of destination. The product is separated from the air by a filtration system which feeds into a receiving hopper.