Preparation table for micro ingredients

Preparation table for micro ingredients Shick Esteve

The Shick Esteve preparation table allows manual weighing micro-ingredients. Composed a working table with storing hoppers for improvers, trolleys for larger products (salt, premix), and a movable scale linked to the operator panel.


  • Easy dosing system, fast and accurate
  • Traceability of manual steps
  • Direct transfer of data to process your order (Profibus etc.)
  • Tolerance control
  • Predefined / Automatic tare
  • Storage of thousands product pages

Operating principle:

The preparation table is provided with a control panel connected to the general network. It displays the instructions stored in the database of the recipe and guide, step by step, the operator who selects each product to be determined by lot number or by using a barcode reader. The system verifies that the weighed product meets the defined tolerance.