Storage extraction and conveying technology

Outdoor aluminum silo storage conveying technology

For more than 50 years, the Shick Esteve expertise in handling of bulk powders and pellets allows us to offer on the one hand, a wide range of standard silos and on the other hand « tailor » made » silos depending on the stored product properties and specifications of our customers plant:

Standard or tailor-made Aluminium silos for the storage and safety of bulk products - according to the specification of the stored product and erection

Regular extraction of products

Mechanical conveying:

Pneumatic conveying:

The choice of a system is determined according to the nature of the conveyed product and the process characteristics:

  • To avoid cross-contamination
  • To avoid de-mixing
  • Throughput
  • Cycle time for feeding of several lines
  • Flexibility and future extension of system
  • Fragile products, sensitives to friction and temperature
  • Number of conveyed products per number of line

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