Big bag discharge station

Big bag discharge station

Big-Bag (FIBC) packaging is the best compromise between palettes of sacks and bulk silo storage.The Big-Bag discharge system can be used to discharge the product manually or automatically for transfer by screw or pneumatic conveyor to the mixing or processing lines.


  • Safety
  • Hygienic
  • Polyvalent
  • Compact

Operating principle:

The big-bag station is composed of:
- a fixing feature for the loading of the big-bag by forklift truck or electric hoist.
- an extraction feature: simple cone, anti-bridging extractor or vibrating bottom according to the fluidity of the products.

An electric or pneumatic vibrator motor activates the emptying of the big-bag placed on the vibrating receiver. Four silentblocs damp and filter the vibration of the receiver. An access door, fitted with a locking toggle clamp, enables the operator to untie the big-bag and place it onto the inside wall of the receiver.


  • Combined big-bag emptying / bag emptying station
  • With or without supporting frame
  • Pneumatical hammers

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