New industrial lines for adhesives’ glue

For one of the worldwide leaders in industrial adhesives, ESTEVE realized the modernization of an existing installation with two automatic lines of LMP glue dedicated to the packaging for the food industry and polyurethane glue for the automotive industry.

Henceforth, the customer receives his raw materials in bulk: wax, paraffin, resin.

Line 1: Storage under silos of 70 t, then conveying and feeding of ethylene-acetate of vinyl balls to mixing bowls. The particularity of this process consists in the preservation of the product’s quality. The main problems were the friction and overheating of the temperature-sensitive product.

Line 2: Storage under silos, big-bag and bag’s stations, then vacuum pneumatic conveying (5 t/h) and feeding of carbonate of calcium to the mixing bowls. Particularity of the product: very slim and volatile grain size around 2–10 µm.

Once the various raw materials and additives integrated in the bowls, the product goes through packaging lines to generate new glue balls.

The productivity and capacity of both lines have been upgraded about 30 %.