Mechanical conveying - Tubular screw

Tubular screw Shick Esteve

The tubular screw is specially designed for transporting and metering dry raw materials


  • Waterproof, no dust emission;
  • Provides greater inclination.

Throughput ​​(depending on diameter): From 0.25 m3/h (Ø 60.3) to 70 m3/h (Ø 280).
Diameter: diameter 60-280 (version quick release).
Length: from 1 to 3 m (version quick release).
Length: up to 12 m (classic version).

Option screw with quick release


  • Where the ease and high frequency of cleaning is required;
  • If contamination of the product is prohibited;
  • When only one measuring device must handle a wide variety of products;
  • When changing the ingredient must be quick and clean;
  • For all products in bulk: the bakery, baby food, pharmaceutical, living / micro-biological materials, allergens;
  • Suitable for IFS;
  • For some of our clients, after 30 hours of operation of the line, which must proceed to complete disassembly of equipment for full cleaning.


  • Maximum capacity of handling products;
  • Suitable for remote washing with water;
  • Minimizes installation costs and the process stops;
  • Avoid cross-contamination;
  • Continuous welds, no retention area product;
  • Uses multiple products;
  • Opening and closing fast by side rails and hinges;
  • Access and extraction tools on the screw;
  • Dismantling only by an operator (no need of a mechanical operator);
  • Possible dismantling at both ends;
  • Access to all parts in contact with product.


Single screw: for the extraction of free flowing powders, granules, flakes and other products not fusing.
Multi screw: Application for air-burst powders and other difficult or sticky materials to be extracted.

Technical features:

  • Construction in Stainless steel 304 L or 316 L
  • Internal Finishing : RA08 or RA03