Managing software of stock levels Es-Stock®

Managing software of stock levels Es-Stock® Shick Esteve

Es-Stock® software offers a real time knowledge of stock levels to manage restocking, to easily prepare purchase and delivery orders to keep inventories up to date, to easily prepare your requirements for production schedule and to obtain a detailed insight into the cost of raw materials for each batch.


  • Multi-depot management;
  • Visualization and stock status in real time;
  • Preventive alerts of the stock (low or sold stock of a product) and B.B.D. of each product;
  • Automatic or manual collecting of requirements from another system (ERP or Es-Track®);
  • PC for stock management with PDA option;
  • Access to different functions of the software restricted by a login and password;
  • Stock value calculated for the total of each ingredient with the calculation of the total value of the stock;
  • Management of storage areas;
  • Warehouse management (pallets, racks etc.) - multi levels;
  • NB: Only available with Es-Track® software.