Lump breaker

Lump breaker Shick Esteve
The air humidity and storage compaction can cause clumping of some hygroscopic products such as sugar and block their transfer. The Shick Esteve lump breaker is designed to crush the agglomerates/lumps of powders at silo outlet and their mechanical or pneumatic transfer.

  • Allows product fluidization;
  • Reduced throughput: preserves the quality of the product;
  • Tight and secure.

Operating principle:

Each shaft is fitted with special blades or knives, a baseframe, a reversible motor reducer and free direction vanes. The sets of blades counter-rotate and pull the clumps into the centre where they are broken up. Remaining pieces are pushed through a mesh by the grinding action of the steel blades. The knives can be off-set or aligned and facing clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on the product.


  • single shaft;
  • double shaft for increasing flowrate and product uptake capacity.

Construction: Stainless steel