Homogenizing silo

Homogenising silo

The Shick Esteve homogenising silo is normally installed at the exit from the milling operation, before final storage, before the bagging station or the truck loading hopper. This silo is suitable for those industries using powders or pellets with similar densities. Appropriate uses: storage of flour, powders and pellets, storage of polymers (PE, HDPE etc), transport loading.


  • Low-cost homogenisation;
  • Reduced maintenance cost;
  • Consistent quality of final product delivered to the consumer.

Dimensions and throughtput:

  • Volume: up to 60 m3;
  • Extraction: up to 50 t/h;
  • Diameter: 1.9 to 3.34 m.

Shick Esteve homogenising silos, are made of aluminum , in on piece, and are available in self supporting skirt or bushel