Breteche Industrie becomes Linxis Group

Breteche Industrie, Shick Esteve's Parent Company, Finds a New Identity

After its acquisition in 2016, Shick Solutions was welcomed into the Breteche Industrie Group as one of their many world-leading entities. Shick Solutions and Esteve Process, who joined the group in 2011, then merged in August of 2017 to form Shick Esteve – a global ingredient automation solution provider.

Now, the management team of Breteche Industrie and their key financial partner IK Investment Partners have decided to signify their next generation of growth by revealing a new name and identity: Linxis Group.

This decision stemmed from the desire to reflect innovation and transformation from within the company to an outward audience. Thanks to strategic acquisitions, customer-driven business development and the continued development of global leadership, Breteche has continued to thrive.

“Within a couple of decades our group has attracted and gathered 7 world leaders in the food and health industry, whose job it is to ensure the seamless integration of highly specialized equipment for our customers”, adds Didier Soumet, Linxis Group CEO.

As Shick Esteve’s parent company, Linxis Group will continue to serve as a unifying resource. Their new branding will impact logos and marketing efforts across individual entities of the group.

About Linxis Group

Linxis Group builds upon a sustainable CAGR of +14% per year over the last three years to claim $264 million of revenue, backed by the stability and strength of its individual companies. This puts the group in position for further acquisitions and partnerships to complement global presence and organic growth.

About Linxis Group Companies

VMI (France) and DIOSNA (Germany) are leaders in the bakery and health industries.
TECNAL (France), CHALON MEGARD (France) and SIMON FRERES (France) are leaders in the dairy industry.

The management team of Breteche Industrie and their key financial partner IK investment Partners have decided to signify their next generation of growth by revealing ...

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Shick Esteve

Same trusted partners, new global ressources

Shick Solutions and Esteve Process Become Shick Esteve
Tim Cook and Jean-François Marette
Ingredient process automation companies Shick Solutions, Kansas City, MO, and Esteve Process, Rians, France, in August announced their intent to become one global entity, Shick Esteve.

After Breteche Industrie Group acquired Shick Solutions in June of 2016, the companies have been working towards a combined business strategy. The two operations centers employ a combined 280 individuals and encompasses more than 285,000ft2 of office and manufacturing space.

“Since being acquired by Breteche we have maintained the same customer-focused culture as we have always had,” said Tim Cook, previously Shick Solutions’ President, now Shick Esteve President and CEO. “This merger is an extension of that and will give us additional capability in serving our customers”.

Cook is a member of the Breteche management team along with the leaders of other Breteche companies.

The integration allows Shick Esteve to serve the industry with a broader reach of resources and additional technologies from a network of global service centers. Combined efforts will increase research and development bringing higher levels of technology to the market.

In the coming months, customers will see new branding featuring the Shick Esteve logo as well as updates to websites and communication channels.

About Shick Esteve

Shick Esteve is a complete ingredient automation solution provider. We design, manufacture, install and service ingredient automation systems for customers worldwide. For more information, visit and A joint website is to come.

About Linxis Group

Linxis Group is an industrial supplier group of equipment for manufacturing food, chemicals, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. The Group includes companies who lead the market: designing, studying, executing and commissioning of equipment for production, from traditional to industrial.

It's more than a new name. Shick Solutions and Esteve Process have merged to form Shick Esteve - your same trusted partners with a new global footprint

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Big bag discharge station

Big bag discharge station

Big-Bag (FIBC) packaging is the best compromise between palettes of sacks and bulk silo storage.The Big-Bag discharge system can be used to discharge the product manually or automatically for transfer by screw or pneumatic conveyor to the mixing or processing lines.


  • Safety
  • Hygienic
  • Polyvalent
  • Compact

Operating principle:

The big-bag station is composed of:
- a fixing feature for the loading of the big-bag by forklift truck or electric hoist.
- an extraction feature: simple cone, anti-bridging extractor or vibrating bottom according to the fluidity of the products.

An electric or pneumatic vibrator motor activates the emptying of the big-bag placed on the vibrating receiver. Four silentblocs damp and filter the vibration of the receiver. An access door, fitted with a locking toggle clamp, enables the operator to untie the big-bag and place it onto the inside wall of the receiver.


  • Combined big-bag emptying / bag emptying station
  • With or without supporting frame
  • Pneumatical hammers

Check out our other storage solutions : Shick Esteve's storage solutions

The packaging of powders in big-bag is the compromise between the pallets of bags and bulk storage in silo. The Esteve big-bag discharge station allows to unload the product manually and effortless. The automated conveying is realized by screw or pneumatic circuit.

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Storage extraction and conveying technology

Outdoor aluminum silo storage conveying technology

For more than 50 years, the Shick Esteve expertise in handling of bulk powders and pellets allows us to offer on the one hand, a wide range of standard silos and on the other hand « tailor » made » silos depending on the stored product properties and specifications of our customers plant:

Standard or tailor-made Aluminium silos for the storage and safety of bulk products - according to the specification of the stored product and erection

Regular extraction of products

Mechanical conveying:

Pneumatic conveying:

The choice of a system is determined according to the nature of the conveyed product and the process characteristics:

  • To avoid cross-contamination
  • To avoid de-mixing
  • Throughput
  • Cycle time for feeding of several lines
  • Flexibility and future extension of system
  • Fragile products, sensitives to friction and temperature
  • Number of conveyed products per number of line
Esteve offers modular solutions: storage of bulk products (or bags) to the point of use ...

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Turnkey solutions & process

Shick Esteve designs turnkey installations for storage, dosing and conveying of your ingredients. Our long experience in the handling of bulk ingredients is the key factor of success for an efficient and versatile solution.

Consult the list of our feeding system by clicking on the links below:

ESTEVE designs turnkey installations for storage, dosing and conveying of your ingredients. Our long experience in the handling of bulk ingredients is the key factor of success for an efficient and versatile solution.

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Shick Esteve

We design equipments and solutions covering the different stages of the raw materials and liquids handling process from bulk or bags delivery to feed the mixers: Storage/Conveying/Weighing/Mixing/Sifting/Supervision.

Our full range of gravity and volumetric feeders

Our R & D department has modernized and expanded its range of feeders which can now cover an output range of 1 kg / h to 5000 kg / h. The new LWG Feeder is specifically designed for continuous mixers dosing application.

Installation of an industrial bakery

Big bag discharge emptying station

Shick Esteve has won a contract with one of the largest French industrial bakeries to automatically feed four production lines of raw and precooked breads.