Fluidized base extractor

Fluidized base extractor Shick Esteve

Shick Esteve’s fluidised base extractor facilitates the flow of fluidisable powder materials from storage silos or bins.
It is suitable for handling type C powders in the Geldart classification and optimal for low moisture content powders such as Epoxy powders.


  • Provides high extraction flowrates up to 400 t/hour;
  • The material is put into suspension which avoids formation of bridges or fissure lines;
  • Requires no mechanical parts inside the silo.

Operating principle:

Air is injected into the porous base of the lower cone by a compressor. A low pressure annular air supply fan injects air between the two walls: surrounding air rises through the solid particles and the aerated powder then flows like a liquid.

Diameter: 600 to 1800

Construction: stainless steel or mild steel painted