Dosing station HSD

Dosing station HSD Shick Esteve

The HSD system automates tasks previously performed manually:storage of raw materials

  • Dosing
  • Sifting
  • Handling of tubs
  • Batch identification


The HSD provides complete materials and process traceability, enables production, repeatibility and improves hygiene and safety:

  • Dust free environment
  • Reduced manual handling of tubs
  • Reliability, repeatibility  and accuracy of dosing
  • Integrated sifting
  • Identification of the input materials and traceability of prepared batches
  • Automated production control and accounting management

Record Throughput
The automatic conveying system is used to collect ingredients at the various dosing points using the principle of a carousel. Products are dosed at different dosing points in  parallel  and  simultaneously. Various dosing cycles corresponding to different recipes may be carried out simultaneously, providing real innovation in cycle time
management: up to 80 batches per hour for recipes using 5 to 10 raw materials ingredients.

Extreme flexibility: number of products, weighing ranges
The weighing station can either be calibrated, according to the size of the tub or depending on the weight of the product to be dosed, while ensuring maximum accuracy; there is no limit to the number of raw materials that can be automated.

No cross contamination
The HSD system eliminates all contamination problems between recipes:  every batch is made up in a separate tub. The HSD station has a centralised dust removal system at the bag filling station and the point where material is fed into the tubs.

Optimal Scheduling
The control system optimises the schedule depending on the various recipes to be produced and production line requirements.