Feeding on vacuum mixer

Shick Esteve supplies automated raw material handling systems for the feeding of ingredients into horizontal vacuum mixers. The Shick Esteve feeding stations are able to feed both powder ingredients (e.g. flour, salt, gluten, bakery improvers, thickeners, solid yeast, sugar) and liquid ingredients (e.g. water, liquid yeast, oil, sourdough, sponge dough, eggs). The systems are available for all types of mixers and kneading machines including vacuum mixers and vacuum kneading units.

A full traceability of your ingredients, raw material and recipes is provided by a powerful automation system. Any trace, operator action or maintenance job is saved in the ES-PLC data base and can be identified at any time by a simple action.

For any of your products like toast bread, buns, bagels, pizza and cakes, the Shick Esteve recipe management system is storing, transferring, weighing, feeding any type of vacuum mixer or vacuum kneading unit.