Feeding on spiral and planetary mixer

Shick Esteve is able to provide automatic handling systems for the feeding of ingredients into fixed or removable bowl spiral mixers.

The Shick Esteve feeding stations are able to feed both powder ingredients (e.g.flour, salt, gluten, bakery improvers, thickeners, solid yeast, sugar) and liquid ingredients (e.g. water, liquid yeast, oil, sourdough, sponge dough, eggs). The systems are available for all types of mixers and kneading machines including spiral mixers and vertical planetary mixers.

The storage, transfer, weighing and feeding operations are managed by a highly accurate PLC according to the given recipes. A touch screen HMI is located close to the feeding point to provide to the operators a convenient access to any recipe saved in the PLC.

Any recipes for baguettes, rolls, hamburger buns, toast-bread, sandwich-bread, pizza’s, croissants, or all types of pastry (puff & Danish) are managed automatically by Shick Esteve. The ingredient management system is able to feed any single or double spiral mixers or any other type of kneading units. The fully automated recipe management system made by Shick Esteve offers a cost efficient dosing solution with highly accurate weighing as well as full traceability.

Products like:

Baguettes, bagels, multiple bread varieties, buns, cream filling, croissants, cake, cheesecake, cinnamon rolls, panettone, cookies, corn masa, crackers, donuts, English muffins, biscuits, marshmallow, pasta, filo pastry, scone dough, pie dough, pizza crust, pretzels, French pastry and Danish pastry dough, rolls, streusel, tortilla dough, wafe etc.