Feeding on carrousel

Shick Esteve provides automatic raw material handling systems for the feeding of ingredients to the mixing bowls of fully automatic linear or rotary carousel mixing plants.

Any of your ingredients like flour, salt, gluten, bakery improvers, thickeners, solid yeast, sugar as well as liquids like water, liquid yeast, oil, sourdough, sponge dough, eggs… can be managed by the automated material handling system of Shick Esteve, which is available for any type of mixer or kneading unit.

The storage, transfer, weighing and feeding operations of bakery raw material are fully automated. A touch screen HMI is located close to the feeding point to provide to operators a convenient access to the PLC. Any of your bakery products are able to be managed by the Shick Esteve recipe management system with the highest accuracy available on the market.

Products like :

Baguettes, rolls, hamburger buns, toast-bread, sandwich-bread pizza’s, croissants, bagels, multiple bread varieties, croissants, rolls, panettone, all types of pastry, Danish pastry, puff pastry, French past etc.