Feeder sprinkler

Feeder sprinkler Shick Esteve

The feeder sprinkler Shick Esteve is designed for two functions: uniform dosing and sprinkling of powders and granulates on products


Easy flow products - vibrating feeder:

  • nuts or chocolate chips on ice creams
  • salt or sesame on buns
  • flouring on dough
  • crystal sugar, pearl sugar
  • spices

Difficult/fragile flow products - multiscrew feeder:

  • avoids demixing of premix
  • feeding of grated cheese on pizzas, ready meals
  • feeding of hazelnuts crumbs on desserts (topping)
  • candied fruits


  • Accurate and regular sprinkling
  • Conveying of fragile products without breaking
  • Easy installation on existing lines
  • Batch / continuous dosing
  • Dosage adjustment on several products
  • Low power consumption

Operating principle:

A pneumatical or mechanical conveyor automatically feeds the storage hopper.
The multiscrew system, located below the hopper, doses uniformly the product on the vibrating distributor whereby a homogeneous covering effect is obtained. The product continuously transported by vibration until the plate end, is deposited on a conveyor*. A hopper placed under the conveyor is used to retrieve the unused materials to reintegrate them into the process.
* Conveyor belt, roller conveyor, trays, pans.