Extractor with scraper

Extractor with scraper

The Shick Esteve scraper extractor is recommended for mixtures (flour mix, premixes) or products which are difficult to extract (such as bran) using the mass-flow extraction principle.


  • The flat base optimises the storage volume;
  • Performs true FIFO time-order extraction;
  • Economical: our extractor has only one motor;
  • No segregation or formation of bridges, no clogging or sticking to the walls.

Operating principle:

The scraper moves step by step along the circumference of the base and moves the product to the centre of the silo. A rotary feeder then forces it into the outlet. Since the entire product face is extracted and the blade teeth are very close to the floor, breaking up voids is not required and perfect emptying occurs. The blade operates without a cantilever and therefore the mechanism is outside and completely accessible.

Diameter: 600 to 2500
Construction: stainless steel or mild steel painted