Environmental chart

Environmental chart Shick Esteve

Through this chart, Shick Esteve affirms its commitment in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development. Shick Esteve undertakes to limit its environmental footprint through sustainable and responsible attitude compatible with the healthy growth of the company. This chart allows everyone, employees and suppliers, to limit environmental impacts.

To its customers, Shick Esteve will:

  • Propose products that are less impacting on the environment,
  • Optimize consumption of industrial project,
  • Develop new range of water dosing units without wasted water,
  • Designing products made ​​from recyclable and / or recycled materials.

Inside its factory / headquarters, Shick Esteve will:

Control the energy expenses

  • Cut the hardware,
  • Turn off lights in empty rooms,
  • Use low energy light bulbs,
  • Have a responsible attitude on temperature control (cooling-heating).

Management of waste

  • Sorting and recycling all of our waste
  • Reducing the volume of our waste
  • Reuse packaging from our suppliers.

Reducing the carbon footprint

  • Car pooling, public transport and walking,
  • Controlled behavior and respectful of speed limits,
  • Gradual replacement of company vehicles by vehicles with low CO ² emissions.