Centrifugal sifter T600

Centrifugal sifter in-ine T600
Centrifugal sifter in-line T600


The centrifugal sifter T600 designed by Shick Esteve, is made to separate out foreign bodies from powders and granules delivered in sacks or in bulk, e.g. sack fibres, paper residues and lumps.

The sifter can also:

  • Make powder material fluid;
  • Break up lumps;
  • Sort material by grain size.

The atmospheric version is used upstream or downstream from the storage or discharge bins.
The pressurised version is used in line inside closed pneumatic systems.


  • Safety and consistency of raw materials, HACCP compliance;
  • Machine protection;
  • Quick sifter inspection and switchover with sifter mounted on guide rails and quick opening access hatch;
  • Vibration free: avoids risk of mixture separation;
  • Easy to incorporate into existing installations, in-line installation directly in the pneumatic flowstream;
  • Silent and compact.

The entire sifter and rotor can be removed in record time without special tools through the inspection hatch, which is fitted with quick-closing devices.
Pneumatic jet vent manifold for sticky products.

Operating Principle:

The product is pushed through the sifter mesh by the feed screw where it is rotated with rotary blades. The fines pass through the sifter while waste material is ejected into a waste outlet. The sifter screen vibrates slightly and cleans itself automatically.

Dimensions and throughput:

Flowrate: 2 to 6 t/h depending on mesh size.
Mesh size: 900 microns to 4 mm.
(for other flowrates and mesh sizes see the T1000).

Construction: Stainless steel, body ni stainless steel or mild painted steel.
Sieve: polyamid or anti-static carbon cloth, perforated grille or steel mesh.