Automatic feeding of flour duster

Automatic feeding of flour duster Shick Esteve

The automatic process of Shick Esteve simplifies and manages the feeding of flour dusters installed in the production area for the dusting of make-up line. The operator environment is clean and ergonomic. The requested quantity of flour for dusting is adjusted, traced depending on the realized product. The remaining noble product can be easily reintegrated in the production line.


  • No dust emission: clean installation;
  • Reduced maintenance;
  • Ergonomic work for operators;
  • Time saving;
  • Control and traceability of flour;
  • Flexible installation;
  • Materials certified for food production;
  • Supplies one to several production lines with a single unit.


  • Independent or in-line system;
  • Flour conveyed from one or several silos;
  • In-line sifting;
  • Automatic or manual reintegration of flour into the production.