Aluminum silo


Aluminum silo Shick Esteve

Storage silos for bulk-loading powders and granules. Available in a free-standing skirt version or straight cylinder version, maintained by a support structure.
Capacities from 7 to 200 m3
Diameter from 1.9 m to 4.2 m


  • No angles or edges;
  • Reflective outer surface giving low heat transfer and minimal heating of the product stored inside;
  • Electrostatic charges can flow harmlessly to ground;
  • Fitted with a blowout diaphragm for maximum protection against explosions;
  • Ligh material, lower transport costs;
  • Recyclable material.

Operating principle:

Shick Esteve aluminum silos are delivered in one piece. Ground anchor with bolts for silos not weighed; with anti-reversal for silos with weiging systems - implementation according to NF EN 1991-1-4 (wind action); and metal framework fo the loading bushels. Their design follows the European construction standards and respects the guidelines for « machinery » 2006/42/CE and explosion vent sizing NF EN 14491.

Loading is secured by using lockable valves to prevent silo selection errors.
Loading air is filtered.
An extractor allows to empty the products on a FIFO basis.
Silo weighing systems enable the remote viewing of stocks and generate automatic raw materials orders by modem or email.

Dimensions and throughputs:

Diameters: 1,9 to 4,2 m
Volume: 5.5 to 239 m3